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6 days to go to Insect Week

National Insect Week 2020 Photography Competition Open

The National Insect Week photography competition 2020 launched on 22 June 2020. Amateur photographers from the UK and around the world can send in their best photograph of an insect or insects until 31 October 2020.

Competition head judge Dr Tim Cockerill from Falmouth University said “We are looking for interesting and beautiful photographs of insects to celebrate insects, the little things that run the world. There are over 24,000 insects in the UK alone, so take your pick!”

The competition has attracted thousands of stunning entries in previous years, and you can see past winners on the National Insect Week website. Entries will be judged by an expert panel:

Dr Tim Cockerill - naturalist, broadcaster and photographer

Nick Baker – naturalist, entomologist and television presenter

Ashleigh Whiffin – entomologist at National Museums Scotland

Lucia Chmurova – entomologist and photographer

The prize categories are 1) Over 18 years old 2) Under 18 years old. There will be a 1st and a 2nd prize winner, and runners-up in each category (Specially Commended, Highly Commended or Commended). Full competition rules on the National Insect Week website, including how to enter.

Did you know?

Flea jumping

Fleas use their leg joints as levers to crouch down, before springing up to 200 times their body length.

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