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Insect Week returns in 2022

It’s Insect Week 2022

Insect Week returns to celebrate the little things that run the world.

The UK will be buzzing with activity during Insect Week 2022. From 20th to 26th June there will be opportunities around the country and online to discover the fascinating world of insects and explore how people feel about them.

Every year, the Royal Entomological Society organises the week, supported by over 60 organisations with interests in the science, natural history and conservation of insects.

Royal Entomological Society President, Professor Helen Roy MBE says:

"Insects may be small, but they have a huge impact on people and nature. Insect science enriches our understanding and is fundamental to modern science. There are a wide range of activities offered during Insect Week by local and national organisations. Children and adults alike can immerse themselves in the wonderful world of insects and meet the people who study that world. This year, we will be exploring how people feel about insects and how that affects their conservation study around the world.”


What can people do?

Everyone can join an event or participate online, adding their voice and views to increase awareness of insects, their importance and how they make them feel. Insect Week is on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram:

Twitter: @InsectWeek

Facebook: /insectweek

Instagram: @InsectWeek


Visit to find an event near you.


Photography Competition

Once again, we are introducing out Photography Competition. Submit your best insect-themed photos for prizes and features. Be sure to read the Terms & Conditions before entering.


Art Competition

Photography not your thing? This year, we are also running an Art Competiton - Visit the Art Competition page to enter now.


Social Media Campaigns

Don't forget to also take part in our social media campaigns:



Just tag us with @InsectWeek and the above hashtags in posts with images, text, reels or your preferred medium and we will endeavour to share and feature as many as possible through our stories or reposts during #InsectWeek22 - Let's do our best this week to share our love, respect and knowledge of insects!



Insect Week 2022


Insect Week 2022 - What will you do for this year's insect journey?

Did you know?

Curious courtship

Insects can have interesting mating behaviours including specific calls, movements and gifts.