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315 days to go to Insect Week


  • The Royal Entomological Society’s Insect Week 2022

    Perceptions of insects – Philias and Phobias

    Article by Dr Franziska Kohlt, University of York

    Insects seem to be uniquely polarising. But why is it we react...

  • It’s Insect Week 2022

    Insect Week returns to celebrate the little things that run the world.

    The UK will be buzzing with activity during Insect Week 2022. From 20th to 26th June there will be opportunities around the country and online to discover the fascinating world of insects and explore...

  • Great Bug Hunt 2022 competition is open

    The 2022 Great Bug Hunt is here! It's been a long winter, but the little creatures will shortly be making their way out of hibernation into the warm spring sunshine – and then what will you find?

    Encourage your primary school pupils to...

  • Insect Week 2022 dates announced

    The Royal Entomological Society is pleased to confirm the dates of Insect Week 2022:

    20th June to 26th June 2022.

    We look forward to you taking part.

    If you are interested in organising an event do contact Fran Sconce at the Society to find out more: [email protected]

  • Great Bug Hunt 2021 winners

    The winners of this year’s Great Bug Hunt competition have been announced! The competition, brought to you by the Association for Science Education (ASE) and supported by the Royal Entomological Society (RES), takes science learning out of the classroom and brings it to life...

  • Insect Week 2021 is here

    #InsectWeek21 is here!

    We're so excited to celebrate the #littlethingsthatruntheworld with you all.

    Have a look on our website for events...

  • Submit your event!

    Will you be hosting an event for #InsectWeek21?

    Help us celebrate the #...

  • Insect Week 2021

    We are excited to announce that #InsectWeek21 will return from 21 to 27 June 2021.

    All are welcome to take part and celebrate the little things that run the world.

    In due course we will open event registration, with options for online and in person as your local...

  • Winners of 2020 National Insect Week Photography Competition

    Discovering the miniature safari all around us

    The winners of the National Insect Week Photography Competition have been announced by the Royal Entomological Society. A...

  • Great Bug Hunt 2020 winners

    “It's so addictive I can guarantee once you've been on a bug hunt you will never, ever be bored again.”

    Nick Baker, BBC Autumnwatch Unsprung and Springwatch Unsprung

    The winners of this year’s Great Bug Hunt competition have been announced and this has by...


Did you know?

Weighty weta

The giant weta from New Zealand is the heaviest known insect species, one individual was found to weigh 71g.

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