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2 days to go to Insect Week

National Insect Week 2020 Launch


This year National Insect Week (22-28 June) is encouraging everyone to discover the insects in their gardens, parks and green spaces – to take photos, create art, identify species and celebrate the insects all around us.

The National Insect Week website has videos, competitions, interviews and resources for all ages, a one-stop-shop for entomology, the study of insects.

The week is a unique initiative to promote awareness of insects and their importance in the UK and around the world. It is organised by the Royal Entomological Society, supported by thousands of people and partner organisations up and down the country.

 “National Insect Week 2020 will help people to explore the fascinating world of insects in whatever green spaces they have available and do some entomology at home” Prof Helen Roy MBE - President, Royal Entomological Society

The nationwide programme of events during previous campaigns has not been possible because of coronavirus but there are still so many wonderful opportunities to understand and enjoy insects safely during National Insect Week. Visit the website, Twitter and Facebook to get involved –


Five things to look out for during the National Insect Week 2020

1)      Launch day online on Monday 22 June - on the website, YouTube Channel and social media:

Twitter: @insectweek                  Facebook: /nationalinsectweek                     #NIW2020        

2)      Virtual Events – Meet entomologists and celebrate insects

3)      Learning Resources - Large database of resources for all ages and experiences

4)      Insect Photography Competition returns - Opens for entries on launch day. Previous competitions have attracted some stunning entries from around the world

5)      Entomology at Home –Discover your green spaces and learn about the insects all around you #EntoAtHome




National Insect Week

National insect week is a biennual event organised by the Royal Entomological Society to encourage people of all ages to learn more about insects. It is supported by a large number of partner organisations across the UK with interests in the science, natural history and conservation of insects. Find out more at Follow National Insect Week on Twitter at @insectweek or on Facebook at /nationalinsectweek


Royal Entomological Society

The Royal Entomological Society is one of the oldest entomological societies in the world. Many eminent scientists of the past, including Charles Darwin and Alfred Russel Wallace, have been fellows. The Society organises regular meetings for insect scientists, as well as hosting international symposia and events for the public. It publishes journals and books as well as identification guides. It has fellows and members all over the world. The aim of the Society is “the improvement and diffusion of entomological science”.

Did you know?

Most unpronounceable

How about Agapanthia villosoviridescens? Although children, used to Velociraptor etc., seem to have no trouble.

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