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Launch 2018 Press Release



11 June 2018

National Insect Week 2018 will be launched at RHS Garden Wisley

18th June 12.00-14.00

The UK will be buzzing and crawling with hundreds of events during National Insect Week 2018. From 18th to 24th June there will be exciting events all over the country to celebrate insects, “the little things that run the world”. Every two years, the Royal Entomological Society (RES) organises the week, supported by a large number of organisations with interests in the science, natural history and conservation of insects. This year the week will be launched at the Royal Horticultural Society (RHS) Garden Wisley on Monday 18th June.


Royal Entomological Society Chief Executive, Dr Luke Tilley said: “The RHS has supported National Insect Week since the very first one in 2006 and several entomologists work there. They are a fantastic partner organisation and one of the most common places that people encounter insects in their lives is in the garden, so it is an excellent match and an honour to have the launch at RHS Wisley”


The launch will take place in the Glasshouse Gallery at RHS Wisley. A highlight the unveiling of Insect Isles, an artwork by illustrator Carim Nahaboo to celebrate the diversity and importance of insects in the UK. The piece will be unveiled to invited guests by RHS President Sir Nicholas Bacon, author M.G. Leonard and RES Honorary Officer Prof Linda Field.


Carim Nahaboo said: “I wanted to highlight the diversity of insect life here in the British Isles and explain a little of why I have personally spent so long in awe of them. There are so many incredible species in our parks, gardens, forests, national parks and homes, and it's only really when we take the time to take a closer look that we can appreciate them and see what important roles they play in our ecosystems.”


Guests at the launch will be treated to edible insect snacks and an exhibition of award winning photographs will be on show to mark the launch of the eighth National Insect Week Photography Competition. There will also be a chance to get up-close and personal with some live insects that are studied by the entomologists at the RHS.


Award winning author M.G. Leonard will be explaining why she decided to use beetles as the central theme of her bestselling Beetle Boy Trilogy. She said: “Our friends the insects are fascinating creatures, bursting with character, and essential to the survival of the human race. Why not fill your mind with miniature wonders by getting involved in National Insect Week? Discover the magnificent insect safari outside your own back door”



Notes to Editors:


For images or an invitation to the launch at RHS Garden Wisley on 18th June 12-2pm, please email [email protected] T: 07912180844


For more information about the RHS contact Georgina Duff, [email protected], T: 01483 212306.


The Royal Entomological Society (RES) is devoted to the promotion and development of insect science. The Society supports international collaboration, research and publication. It aims to promote excellence in entomology and demonstrate the importance of studying insects to everyone.  Every two years the Royal Entomological Society runs National Insect Week to encourage awareness around the science, natural history and conservation of insects. Since its founding in 1833 many distinguished scientists have been Fellows of the RES, including Charles Darwin and Alfred Russell Wallace.


The NIW Photography Competition can be found at


Registered Charity: 213620


Beetle Boy was published in Spring 2016 by Chicken House in the UK, becoming a bestseller in the UK and the Netherlands, winning the 2017 Branford Boase Award for best debut children's novel and the Sheffield Children's Book Award 2017 for shorter novel as well as being longlisted for the Carnegie Medal. M. G. Leonard is an award winning, bestselling writer of books, poems and screenplays. Beetle Queen, the second part of the trilogy, was published in April 2017 in the UK to critical acclaim and has been nominated for the Carnegie medal. Battle of the Beetles, the third part of the trilogy, was published 1 February 2018. The Bug Hunters - a short story in the collection Make More Noise, published 1 February 2018. The Beetle Collector's Handbook, a non-fiction companion to the trilogy will be published in June 2018.


Carim Nahaboo is a London based illustrator specialising in accurate depictions of natural history subjects as well as more imaginative, conceptual themes. He believes that drawing, as a way of recording and understanding the world, is one of the best ways to explore nature, especially when the subjects are so small and secretive - as is often the case in the insect world.


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Most important food chain link

Every day blue tits and house martins feed their young several times their own body weight in insects.

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