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Ground Beetle Identification with Microscopes: Species, with the FSC

Tuesday, June 21, 2022 - 10:00 to 16:00

There are around 350 species of ground beetle (Family: Carabidae) found in the UK. The UK ground beetle fauna has significant ecological importance, with members of this beetle family being active hunters, seed feeders and vital food sources for many animals. Ground beetles are a popular family among entomologists and are often considered one of the entry-level groups of beetle when beginning with keys, largely due to being found in all manner of habitats year-round and being well covered by taxonomic literature.

This course follows on from Ground Beetle ID with Microscopes: Tribes, with our expert tutor taking participants to the next level of ID, so that you will know what characters to look for when identifying ground beetles to species. This course provides an introduction to identifying ground beetles to species-level using the Royal Entomological Society Handbook ‘The Carabidae (ground beetles) of Britain and Ireland' by Martin L. Luff.

This includes a short presentation introducing the morphological features used to identify specimens to species and support from a beetle specialist throughout the practical sessions.

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Did you know?

Flea jumping

Fleas use their leg joints as levers to crouch down, before springing up to 200 times their body length.

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