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Field Identification of Solitary Wasps with the FSC

Tuesday, June 21, 2022 - 10:00 to 16:00

When we think of wasps, we often think of the larger, yellow and black social wasps. However, we only have around 8 species of social wasp in the UK and the majority of our wasp diversity is made up of thousands of different species of solitary wasp. Solitary wasps tend to be smaller, and are often brightly coloured, making them an attractive group to study.

Join our tutor in the field to search for solitary wasps. We will find a variety of different species’ and discuss the identification features of UK solitary wasps that can aid field ID.

This course marries together the use of classroom-led learning and outside learning opportunities led by an specialist tutor to give learners the skills to be able to identify distinctive species in the field.

Age limits or guidance

Suitable for over 18s

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Register in Advance

To attend this event please register in advance.


Due to the outside nature of part of this course, registered participants are advised to bring suitable clothing and footwear in order to access the Bushy Park site in various weather conditions. This will involve walking over uneven ground and will require a reasonable level of fitness.

Did you know?

Buzzing bumblebees

Bumblebees can do 'buzz' pollination, wing muscles vibrate their bodies to extract and transfer flower pollen. 

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